Rione Terra

Cultural itinerary of the Phlegraean Fields


The Rione Terra is an urban agglomeration that it constitutes the first residential nucleus of Pozzuoli, inhabited since the second century BC It is located on a hill that allowed to check the arrival of enemies coming from both the sea and the land.

The fortress of the Rione Terra has been the protagonist of all the historical evolutions, from the first years of Greek and Roman colonization to the modern era. According to the Greek historian Strabo, the fortress was to be considered the landing of Cumae and it was here therefore that in all probability, in 529 BC, the exiles from the island of Samos landed and founded Dicerachia, the government of the just. However, it was in Roman times that Pozzuoli and the fortress experienced their period of greatest splendor.

Subsequent cultures built their shops and homes on what were once the Roman walls. An example of this phenomenon is undoubtedly the cathedral, which was built right on the walls of the temple of Augustus, which in turn incorporated a republican temple dating back to 194 BC.

The neighborhood was cleared in 1970 due to the bradyseismic crisis, it was then subject to restoration and redevelopment, together with the archaeological path below and since 2014 it is open again and can be visited.


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