Villa Avellino park

Villa Avellino park

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The Villa Avellino park is the public park of Pozzuoli par excellence, it is located halfway between the "lower" part of Pozzuoli near the sea and the hilly area of ​​the city.

Inside there are a citrus grove, ponds and millenary Roman remains, in fact the park is located in the center of what was the ancient Puteoli. The ancient ruins in the garden are therefore many and clearly visible and let us imagine how even the unexplored subsoil can be rich in it.

The park is a perfect place to feel immersed in nature while remaining in the city center, suitable for children to play and spend relaxing hours. In the surroundings there are numerous commercial activities, as well as restaurants and bars.

Historical info:

It was born as a private garden of the adjacent Villa Avellino, built in 1540 by the Colonna di Stigliano and princes passed into the hands of the municipality of Pozzuoli recently, after several changes of ownership over the centuries, becoming the public park of Puteola.

There are also remains of a Roman cryptoporticus in reticulated work and a cistern, known as Centocamerelle, which should not be confused with that of Bacoli. The cistern is of considerable size. One of the symbols of the villa Avellino is the mask fountain of the Flavian age, entirely in marble.


The villa is located in a central position between the upper area of ​​Pozzuoli, the port and the promenade of Pozzuoli.

It is less than 500m from the Metro railway station and no more from the port of Pozzuoli.


Villa Avellino park is open every day from 9:00 to 18:00.
Admission is free.


Via Carmine, 6A
80078 - Pozzuoli (NA)