Lighthouse of Capo Miseno

Lighthouse of Capo Miseno

Landscape itinerary of the Phlegraean Fields


The Capo Miseno lighthouse was built around 1800 and rises at the top of the Capo Miseno promontory, on the extreme tip of the Phlegraean peninsula, between the Gulf of Pozzuoli and the Procida canal. Its position is strategic and of fundamental importance for the lighting of the busy route to and from the islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri.

With the Royal Decree of 1910, King Vittorio Emanuele II ordered the passage of the Lighthouse Service to the Royal Navy, which after carrying out a series of modernization works to ensure safer navigation, established for the first time the Inspectorate of Lighthouses which it chose the city of Naples as its headquarters.

Towards the end of the Second World War, the lighthouse was hit and almost destroyed by German air raids. At the end of the conflict, the structure was rebuilt and today's Capo Miseno Lighthouse is a more modern version of the original one, which has managed to retain all its charm and beauty.


To better visit the Capo Miseno lighthouse and enjoy its panorama, excursions and guided tours are organized, but you can also get there on your own.

You arrive by car on the Capo Miseno promontory, through a road between old Roman villas and ruins, at the end of it there is a gallery beyond which you reach a terrace overlooking the Gulf of Pozzuoli. From the terrace (65m asl) it is then possible to walk to the top of Capo Miseno and the lighthouse, thanks to a path that climbs the slope of the promontory and offers a breathtaking view of all the islands of the gulf.

Another path to the top, less long but steeper, is located before entering the tunnel. This path passes through a very dense wooded area before reaching the top, where the vegetation is very luxuriant, sometimes making the excursion difficult. In these cases just follow the path, making the peripheral turn of the hill.

Even when the vegetation is not very high, it is advisable never to leave the marked paths, as the whole summit is affected by the remains of air raid shelters and cisterns from the last world war, whose openings or fractures are not always visible in the tall grass and for those who abandon the path there is a real danger of being able to fall into some underground cavity.


Lighthouse of Capo Miseno
Via Faro,
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