Darsena of Pozzuoli

Darsena of Pozzuoli

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The Darsena of Pozzuoli is located at the foot of the Rione Terra ed it is the innermost part of the port, a protected and reserved basin of water where small boats of local fishermen moor.

The small protected harbor it has a typical and characteristic charm of a fishing village, made even more impressive by the view of the walls of the Rione Terra and by the presence of the splendid church of the Madonna Assunta located right next to the sea.

The street and the adjacent square have become popular destinations for all those who want to eat, drink and have fun. In fact, the dock is teeming with restaurants and bars where during the days and evenings, numerous people are stationed to share moments of conviviality. During important celebrations and holidays, it happens that the area can be overcrowded to the point of making it difficult to cross it even on foot.

Historical information

The Darsena di Pozzuoli is an ancient place in the city, where in the past centuries and until a few decades past, fishermen conducted their activity at full capacity, which allowed the supply of fresh fish to the market, local restaurants and families Puteolane.

The fishermen also went very far from the coasts and in all weather conditions in order to successfully complete their work. For this reason in the early 1600s a church was built there, Santa Maria della Purificazione, to protect the fishermen, destroyed over time due to heavy storms and then rebuilt in Via Guglielmo Marconi, in the upper part of the city.


To reach the Darsena di Pozzuoli you have to follow the signs towards the port, it will then be possible to look for parking in the central square among the special blue stripes, the area called Port Area Parking or inside the municipal car park (uncovered), called Porto Area 2 Parking and located next to the Coast Guard Harbor Office.

Furthermore, the port of Pozzuoli is among the stops of the Cumana railway line.


Darsena of Pozzuoli
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