Church of the Madonna Assunta

Church of the Madonna Assunta

Ecclesiastical itinerary of the Phlegraean Fields


The Church of the Madonna Assunta is of great importance for local tradition and is located in one of the most beautiful places in the city of Pozzuoli, or at the foot of the fortress of the Rione Terra, near the Darsena of Pozzuoli, where in the past centuries lived a fishing village.


The bond that the people have with this church can be traced back to its origins. The church was commissioned by the families of fishermen, who, in order to successfully complete their work, even went very far from the coasts and in all weather conditions if necessary.

So in 1621 to protect the fearless fishermen the church was built and dedicated to the Purification of Mary, by the homonymous Brotherhood.

The position of the church very close to the sea caused its destruction following a strong storm. It was then rebuilt with the forms it still retains but at the same time the brotherhood worked to build a second church, safe, in the upper part of the city and dedicated to the same sanctity as the first.


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